Work From Home Internet Jobs

October 9th, 2010

Looking to work from home?  Internet jobs are in good supply if you are willing to put in the necessary time. From customer service representatives to virtual assistants, positions are available with many companies.

A computer is needed to work on the internet. Some people think a big fancy desktop is what they need to work long and continuous hours on the internet, but this is not true. All that is needed is a dependable computer with enough available memory to save data and a reliable internet connection.

When it comes to saving data, some of the smaller computers have limited data space available on their hard drives. To help keep these computers working at an optimum speed, data can be saved to a flash drive. With a flash drive inserted in a USB port, the hard drives available memory can be allocated to running applications which will speed up your computer.

When choosing which type of computer to use, it does not matter if it is a desk top or a lap top. Both are made to do the same function. The biggest difference is a desk top has all the hardware in an extra big box and the lap top is portable. They both can have the same features and functions.

When choosing which type of job to apply for, the difference in time zones of the clients needs to be considered. If you are taking a job in customer service and the clientele is in America and you are in the Philippines, your working hours will be 9 to 13 hours ahead of them. This is to say normal American working hours between 9 am and 5 pm will be from 12 am-4 am to 8 am -12 pm in the Philippines. This offset in hours might not be for everyone so it should be thought about when considering a position.

If you job tasks involve writing website content and social networking your hours are more flexible and as long as you put in the required number of hours per week you can usually make your own schedule.

Work from home internet jobs are not for everyone, but the opportunity is there for all that wish to learn various methods and tasks, to be able to make a living online.

Permanent Full-time Employment with American Company as Virtual Assistant

January 8th, 2010

Philippine Islands native residents only.

(Must speak, read and write perfect English language.)

We have been publishing on the internet for over a dozen years and we will start your employment using your current skill level and we will train you completely to perform all new types of tasks that we require.  We will work with you all the way with training.

Some of the job requirements outlined:

  • Work with WordPress websites.
  • “MANDATORY”: Perfect American English Language Skills.
  • Must have your own computer and internet access.
  • Must be willing to send email report “EVERY DAY” as to work performed.
  • Some knowledge of computers, word processors, spreadsheets, internet, WordPress, social-bookmarking required to start.
  • Must be available via email and Skype during your work day.
  • Work day shall be minimum 6 hours and maximum 8 hours, five days per week, 50 weeks per year.

We provide all training.

  • Must be willing to start this work within two weeks from this date.
  • Resume required.  Letters of recommendation are a big plus in your favor.
  • Proof of your present level of knowledge must be shown by sending us links to website work that you have done to date, either a personal blog, or contract work you have performed for others.

Duties to start:

We are flexible at the start of the employment cycle to work with your present level of knowledge in these fields.  Primarily your duties might eventually include any, or all, of the following types of work.

  • Data entry.
  • Setting up spreadsheets.
  • Creating multiple email addresses that you will be using in various projects for us.
  • Setting up multiple social network accounts using those various email addresses.  (Go to to see a list of social sites that you will gradually build accounts with over time.)
  • Article writing (Perfect American English language is mandatory.)
  • Article commenting.
  • Article marketing submissions, ie:,, (and many others that we will build gradually over time.)
  • eBook witing (This is a long term project and will not be needed immediately.)
  • Set up remote blog platforms, such as Squidoo lenses, Blogger,, Weebly, (and others.)
  • Back linking.  We will train you how to perform backlink projects for us and will provide the sources of sites in which to insert backlinks.  As we progress you will be required to learn how to locate more such sites that accept backlinks.
  • Install WordPress, install theme, set up a WordPress website from scratch, update WordPress core as new releases come out, install plugins, update pugins as new releases come out, and more things needed to operate a  complete WordPress website.  (Note: you will not be required to know any of this to start.  We will train you.  If you “DO” have this knowledge at present time of how to operate a WordPress website, then this will be a big plus in your favor for employment consideration.)


  • Payment shall start at $200.00 USD per month.  Evaluation after 30 days shall determine raise or discharge.  Second evaluation will be in six months for possible raise consideration.
  • 13th month payment shall be based upon current level of payroll after completion of the year.
  • We pay you on a monthly basis via, PayPal, Xoom or eMoneygram.  You decide which payment type you prefer and you will absorb any transaction fees.

You will be working for internet marketers that are very experienced and we seriously desire long-term employees that are dedicated to learning and growing with us.  The opportunity for a very good level of income exists for someone that is willing to follow directions and work hard.

MOST IMPORTANT, you must provide a written report EVERY DAY.  If you are not willing to report every day either at the end of your work day, or at the very start of your next work day, then please do not apply for this position.

Remember we will start at your present skill level and train you completely for all future tasks.

To apply for this position use the “Contact” form.

Freelance Writers Wanted

October 19th, 2009

With freelance writers wanted and needed by every website on the internet, the demand is high. If you have the necessary skills to write informative articles, there is a job waiting for you on the internet.

The internet is filled with sites that are in need of content writers that are fluent in the English language. The reason most are in English is because in the early days of the internet, most sites originated in America. Since then most webmasters from around the world have found out that Americans make more purchase online than any other nation as a whole. If you have a formal education and can write informative, accurate content articles, then there is a job for you in cyber world.

You’re talents will be tested by the wide variety of subjects that need articles written. There are chicken coops, back pain, fire safety, antique cars, sports,   along with environmental issues and opinions as just a few examples. All of these need qualified and professional writers to fill the need that is available today.

Proper American style grammar is the type of writing that is in the highest demand. The volume of work out there makes it such that a good writer can write for up to 18 hours a day and not finish all of their orders. Because of this demand there are always ads on the internet looking for quality writers.

There are those that copy other author’s works and plagiarize, with the computer software available, this is noticed immediately. Original content of a variety of subjects is what is needed.   You must not copy and paste, also called scraping, of other published work as the people that are paying you have software tools that will instantly expose this type of work.

If you feel you can do this on a consistent basis, then respond to the ads that post for freelance writers wanted, and start your career in cyber world today.  Use the contact form here on Virtual Assistant Jobs to apply.

Article Submission Service: A Real Time Saver

October 15th, 2009

Every day another article submission service goes online.  Submitting articles to reputable online article directories is an important tool in driving traffic and subsequent sales to your website.  They also create vital branding for your company.

Perhaps the most important value is online article directories build one-way incoming links to your site.  It’s also impossibly expensive and time consuming for the already over burdened business manager.

Some managers go it alone by downloading article submission software.  This can work if you are lucky but chances are if the article directories are included with the software they’re already out of date in the fast moving world of content writing.  It can take hours every week just to keep directories up to date.

Furthermore, each directory has its own technical requirements such as accepting articles in HTML format versus text.  Adapting each article to all the rules of every directory is also a time killer and few software programs can spot all of them.  Why not put this important job in the hands of the experts and contract with a service that does all the work?

Look for a service that promises to submit your articles manually.  This will guarantee all requirements of directories are met.   Make sure the service will submit your content in several categories, insuring the widest possible exposure.

Ask them what they do to protect you from SPAM.  Do they maintain a separate email account where the login and password gets verified with each submission?  This is time consuming, but vital for the flow of articles and back links.

Services like this usually charge by the month or the year and for all the work that is involved, an article submission service is surprisingly affordable and one of the most cost-effective tools your business can have.

As you will note this article is written with the end user in mind, however if you wish to become involved in this type of work then we here at Virtual Assistant Jobs would like to hear from you.  We have positions open and are looking for more VA’s.  fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

Jobs for Writers: Be your own Boss

October 4th, 2009

One of the niche markets in the growing industry of Virtual Assistants is jobs for writers.  If you have a good command of the English language and know how to write with correct grammar, this would be an excellent opportunity to earn some money.

First of all, many people are unfamiliar with the term of Virtual Assistant, or VA.  These are individuals who perform tasks on a contract basis for companies that are often far away, even in another country.

Earnings vary depending on the type of niche you can deliver.   Generally VAs who offer legal and medical administrative help like paralegals and Virtual Assistants command more money than one who does secretarial duties and who has little experience.

The job of content writer or proofreader earns somewhere in the middle, but experienced writers with a long resume can earn more than a beginner.

The content writers for social media are changing the way businesses are promoting themselves and these VAs are valuable.  Facebook has 200,000 new subscribers per day and the micro blogging Twitter has seen explosive growth of 422% in one year.

Even though the U.S. economy is shrinking, internet advertising expenditures are up by 21%.  You can join this tidal wave of success and progress by writing content from the comfort of your own home.

There are several websites that will help you get started in this rewarding industry.  You can join a Virtual Assistant network and get answers to your questions from experienced VAs.   Some sites have education courses you can take for free.

The beauty of writing for websites or blogs for others is you can take on as much or as little work as you want.  You may get all you need in just four hours per day, making jobs for writers the ideal solution for your life.

Use the contact form right here on Virtual Assistant Jobs if you would like to join our growing team of writers that work from home and make a good living and you too can be your own boss.

Finding Online Jobs in India

September 30th, 2009

Many office jobs and call centers are becoming online jobs in India. This is a perfect fit for a country with a low standard of living and a depressed United States economy that is forcing every company to look for ways to save money.  Reducing the workforce here in the states is a common if unpleasant way to cut costs.

The English language is taught to nearly every Indian child, a brilliant employment strategy for that country which now sees the benefits years later.  The adult who can speak English is able to find work for an American company and all that is needed is the web and a computer.

Written English is an advantage for the people of India who sometimes find it difficult to get their point across by voice alone.   The sound and syntax of the many dialects like Hindu are challenging to transpose into the English structure of consonants and vowels.

The way to overcome that is to write for American companies.  If you have a command of grammar and conversational English you can find work in India as a Virtual Assistant.  VAs as they are known do office work for small business owners who cannot employ someone full time to manage the details of their company.  There are literally millions of employers who fit this description.

To find work as a Virtual Assistant begin with your friends and see if they know of any VA with too much work to handle. They may be willing to share clients with you to get your online business started.  Be prepared to look for several clients as matching the style of the employer is critical in this kind of work.

We here at Virtual Assistant Jobs have positions open for Article Writers that are familiar with the American style of English language writing, and we also hire contractors for Social media Networking.  No matter where you live, if you qualify we have work for you.  Fill out the contact form here on this website for details.

Once you find a match you’ll probably have plenty of work as cheap labor for online jobs in India make good workers hard to find.

Beginning Your Online Jobs Search

September 29th, 2009

For so many people who have lost their jobs in the recession help begins with an online jobs search.  The Internet is a treasure trove of resources for the displaced worker, or the person who simply wants to step out of the rat race and work from their home.

Exploring opportunities as a Virtual Assistant is a great place to start.  Simply put, a Virtual Assistant or VA is an independent contractor who provides help to businesses from a remote location.  In other words, they are working from home.

Whether you need someone to handle your customer relationship management system or someone to work your call center and live chats, Virtual Assistants can get it done.  VAs often have general administrative skills but many have specialties like content writing, bookkeeping, paralegal, medical transcription and events planning.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone book your travel for you?  Answer your emails that never stop coming in?  Your VA can do that for you.

There are several methods for locating a VA.  Hundreds of websites offer VA matches for contractors and businesses.  Proceed with caution and do some research to make sure you’ve found a legitimate service.  If the first step to enrolling is to provide your credit card be wary.  You should not offer financial information.

Oftentimes word of mouth can bring VAs and employers together.  If you would like to be a Virtual Assistant try online sites that post jobs and try bidding on some.  Create your own website offering your skills as a VA and try the old fashioned method of contacting employers directly.  Most employers have no idea they can get the work done without paying the overhead for an additional staff member, making this an ideal way to start your online jobs search.

If you have strong article writing skills use the contact form on this website to become a VA for our own network of publishers.

Online Jobs from Home

September 26th, 2009

There are great online jobs from home, especially if you have good administrative skills.  The position of Virtual Assistant, or VA, is one of the fastest growing and most rewarding ways to be your own boss and to help an employer at the same time.

If you have children who go to school every day and you want to greet them afterward instead of handing them to a babysitter while you work in an office, this might be the work for you.

If you were recently laid off from your job in this challenging global economy, you don’t have to be tethered to your locale, particularly the hard hit northern states in America, in order to find more work.  The newest job is as close as your home computer.

Virtual Assistants perform vital office functions with a slant toward the technology in place today.  They can do bookkeeping, manage calendars, send email, update web pages, schedule appointments and write documents.

VAs must possess an ability to manage their time well because working at home has more distractions than an office setting.  If you are tempted to check your most recent episode of a daytime drama, this line of work is probably not for you.  VAs are encouraged to wear comfortable but professional attire as they go about their work duties while at home.

One of the skills in demand right now is that of Content Writer.  Every viable business today must have a website and employers need thousands upon thousands of words to fill it.  Even when the site is up and running, updated information in the form of articles is needed.

If you possess the ability to write in engaging, conversation English, there is a possibility you’ll have more work than you can handle, all while performing online jobs from home.